2016-09-20 02:12:47 by MeowerSex

Support me and my efforts to slay the forever evil artist block! I'm always taking commissions, and am willing to negotiate. I'd love to become more known for my artwork, so why not try on here! Message me if you would like to talk about commissioning art from me ^-^.
Sketches: 2$
LineArt: 5-7$
Shaded, Finished Pieces: 10-12$
Colored, Finished Pieces: 10-12$


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2016-09-20 02:50:26

I think maybe adding an example of each may help out here.
Otherwise, i wish you the best!
Art block can be very evil.

MeowerSex responds:

If Newgrounds had the option, I would have put examples, but you can take a look at my profile to see my art!